Wild Garlic Butter

Wild Garlic Butter

Got a glut of Wild Garlic and have made enough pesto from it? Why not try making some Wild Garlic butter instead! Add this to a toasty baguette to eat with your chilli or spag bol, or slather onto crackers and top with edible flowers for a pretty and delicious snack. You'll never complain about having too much wild garlic again!



- Dried Wild Garlic leaves, chopped/powdered, the more the better (Allium ursinum)
- 1 block of butter



1. In a bowl add your dried wild garlic leaves. The more you use, the stronger the taste, so start small and add more if necessary.

2. Add the block of butter and mix together.

3. Taste test and add more wild garlic if desired.

4. Store long-term rolled up in clingfilm in the freezer. Take out half at a time and put into a small tub in the fridge to defrost and use.

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