You've probably gathered that here at Mycosia we are experts in all things mushroom and we love to share our knowledge! 

We offer bespoke workshops, whether you’re looking for a fun, practical introduction for you or some friends, or are hoping to learn more advanced cultivation techniques - we're here to help!  

We love collaborating with other organisations, community gardens, and schools. So don't hesitate to contact us if you want to book us for a talk, walk, or workshop! 

Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Educate yourself in the fantastic field of fungi fun with our mushroom cultivation workshop!

Are you a fungi fan who is keen to learn more about the growing of mushrooms? This course will help you on your way to growing your very own mushrooms at home.

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Foraging Workshop

Learn which plants and fungi are safe and useful to pick in your local area on our fantastic foraging course!

Are you a nature enthusiast but are worried about picking something potentially harmful? Have you begun your foraging journey and want to broaden your knowledge? We hope to help people forage with confidence.

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