Foraging Workshop

Learn which plants and fungi are safe and useful to pick in your local area on our fantastic foraging course!
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Fantastic Foraging

Are you a nature enthusiast but are worried about picking something potentially harmful? Have you begun your foraging journey and want to broaden your knowledge? We hope to help people to forage with confidence. Foraging is a way we can connect with ourselves and with nature. Humans are a part of nature and we have a right to engage with it through the picking of edible and useful mushrooms and plants as our ancestors once did. During this workshop Brendan will be your guide through a beautiful natural area, showing you the many different plants, flowers, and fungi that are edible or useful in other ways. He will show you how to correctly identify them, and how to distinguish them from any potentially harmful lookalikes. As well as learning fun facts, you will also gain an understanding of their historical use and how we can bring them into the modern world.

Included in the course:

  • Introductory talk about foraging history and benefits of foraging
  • Discussion about seasonal plants and fungi that are currently available
  • Guided walk around a park and green spaces while identifying and collecting edibles
  • Add on: Enjoy a delicious meal cooked using foraged goodies from the walk


3 hours for 12 people @ £25 per person.

4 hours plus foraged meal for 12 people @ £35 per person

Bespoke bookings: for smaller groups or one-to-one bookings please contact us to discuss your needs. Minimum booking cost for companies is £200 plus expenses. Community groups and CICs please contact us to discuss your budget.