About Us

Myco (mushrooms) + Ambrosia (food of the Greek gods) = Mycosia!

Welcome to Mycosia where we are all about connecting you with the wonderful world of fungi! We hope to inspire you to engage with mushrooms in a way that enriches your life and spreads connections, like mycelium running through the earth.

Mycosia is a family-run, fungi-focused small company that started up in the Spring of 2023. Brendan is the myco-mad mastermind behind Mycosia. His love for mushrooms and the outdoors spread from being a hobby to becoming a way of life. His fascination with growing fungi brings you all the delicious mushrooms and powders on sale, as well as the knowledge behind our cultivation and foraging workshops. I'm Amelia, his wife who thinks mushrooms are magical. I bring you the photos from behind the scenes, and assist with mushroom production, tech, and workshops.

It's not just the adults of the family that are involved! Our daughter frequently helps out at the mushroom lab and especially enjoys the more technical syringe work. Our son loves coming to forage with us and has a great eye for the tiny mushrooms hiding on the ground.

We enjoy working with children to help them engage with, and learn about, fungi and their relationship to both nature and to ourselves. Having backgrounds in forest schools and child education, we work with schools and home education groups to spread the love of mushrooms and plants to the next generation.

Here at Mycosia we are part of the neurodivergent and LGBTQ+ families. We are always mindful of inclusivity and look for ways to adapt our services to make them more accessible wherever possible. We believe that nature and knowledge are a right not a privilege. So we welcome suggestions and will happily work with you and your organisation to try to build a workshop, walk, or talk that is suitable for your needs.

Our aim at Mycosia is to help people engage with the nature that is all around them in a way that works for each person. We grow gourmet and functional mushrooms for the mushroom connoisseurs, we offer educational talks and workshops for schools, community groups, and budding mycologists, and we run foraging walks to help people bring nature's bounty into their every day life.

We look forward to working with you and spreading the love for these magical, marvellous mushrooms!