Mushroom Cultivation Workshop

Educate yourself in the fantastic field of fungi fun with our mushroom cultivation workshop!
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Cool Cultivation

Are you a fungi fan who is keen to learn more about the growing of mushrooms? Have you bought grow kits in the past that didn't work and you want to learn how to make your own? This course will help you on your way to growing your very own mushrooms yourself! Have fun learning all about the fascinating field of fungi as Brendan guides you through the fun facts and lesser known knowledge of this often overlooked part of nature. Discover how you can learn to grow your own mushrooms from your very own home, garden, or allotment plot using a variety of low-tek methods and supplies. Finally, immerse yourself and get hands-on by making your own mushroom grow bag that you can bring back to fruit at home.

Included in the course:

  • Introductory talk about the wonderful world of fungi
  • Focused talk about the cultivation of mushrooms
  • Demonstration and explanation of low tek mushroom growing methods
  • Make your own mushroom bag to take home with you


2 hours for 12 people @ £25 per person.

Bespoke bookings: for smaller groups or one-to-one bookings please contact us to discuss your needs. Minimum booking cost for companies is £200 plus expenses. Community groups and CICs please contact us to discuss your budget.